HK Book Fair expected

July 22 2010, 2:40 AM

Up to one million visitors, including thousands of visitors from the Chinese mainland, are expected to join the Hong Kong Book Fair, which kicked off on Wednesday, on the hunt for a bargain, a new hit or a date with literature celebrities.

About 70,000 visitors were recorded on Wednesday, and about 900, 000 visitors are expected to join the week-long event, said the fair\'s organizer Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

A record 510 exhibitors from 22 countries and regions are taking part in the fair, which runs through July 27 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

The fair also features more than 250 cultural events participated by over 90 writers from home and abroad under the theme "Reading the World, Writing the Future."

"The Hong Kong Book Fair has grown from strength to strength over the past two decades," said Benjamin Chau, Deputy Executive Director of the council, "The high quality of both English and Chinese writers appearing at the fair this year reinforces the growing importance of the fair as a premier cultural and literary event."

Chinese-language authors from all over the world are taking part in the Book Fair\'s Renowned Writers Seminar Series, including best-selling Chinese mainland author Han Han, recently nominated for Time magazine\'s "2010 Time 100 Poll".

English authors\' participation this year is also unprecedented in numbers and in international reputation. Highlights include British best-selling novelist Frederick Forsyth, author and actor Stephen Fry and historian Andrew Roberts, British poet and literary critic James Fenton and children\'s author Anthony Horowitz.

A limited number of pre-release copies of Forsyth\'s latest book, The Cobra, will be made available at the forums. The novel is scheduled for publication next month.

Digital publishing will find a bright spotlight at the fair. E- Books and Digital Publishing is a new addition this year among the fair\'s 15 pavilions.

Bonnie Chan, founder of Hong Kong\'s Handheld Culture said," Hong Kong people spend more than two or three hours on the road every day. If we can use the time to read on mobile phones, it\'s absolutely a step forward for a better lifestyle."

On the first day of the fair, the Asian Publishing Conference also examined the impact of digital publishing on the industry, with speakers from the Chinese mainland, China\'s Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

With about 50 percent more space than last year, English Avenue features the largest display of English books in the fair\'s history. The Children\'s Paradise pavilion, also the fair\'s biggest ever, will include celebrity storytelling sessions.

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aids fight against Malaria

June 4 2010, 12:23 AM

The Spanish national football team is taking part in a campaign to raise awareness in the battle to combat Malaria.

The sickness is calculated to kill a child every 30 seconds in Africa and with Spain one of the favorites to win the World Cup, which kicks off in South Africa on June 11, the current European champions have taken part in a the campaign 'Todos Contra la Malaria' (Everyone against Malaria).

The Spanish football team is working in collaboration with the Spanish Red Cross, Medicos Sin Fronteras, Save the Children, UNICEF and the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund as well as the African Foundation for Medicine and Investigation and the Centro de Investigacion en Salud International de Barcelona (Center for International Health Investigation).

In an attempt to gain further public and political support several players from the Spain team: Iker Casillas, Xavi Hernandez, Xabi Alonso, David Villa, Andres Iniesta and coach Vicente del Bosque all appear in an advert with the message, 'spread the word.'

"Football is the most popular sport in the World, no other sport is able to mobilize so many people and so many different cultures. Because of its popularity and its universal character and the interest it provokes everywhere, it is a powerful tool to help raise awareness of how serious malaria is," said Daniel Tanzer, the coordinator of the Todos contra la malaria campaign.

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People grow up like this

November 18 2009, 1:29 AM

People grow up like this
A child grows up under full of criticizing the environment of finding faulting
He has learnt to condemn others captiously
A child grows up from the environment of full hostility
He has learnt to dispute and refute
A child grows up under the terrified environment
Worried and afraid that he has learnt
Grow up under the environment that a child is full of being taken pity on
It is blamed by oneself that since his society is sad
A child grows up under full of jealous environmentsing
He has learnt insatiably avariciously
A child grows up under the environment full of shame
He has learnt conscientiously and guiltily
A child grows up under full of tolerant environmentsing
He has learnt it patiently
A child grows up under the environment that is full of encouraging
He has learnt self-confidently
A child grows up under the environment full of praise
He has learnt to appreciate others
A child grows up under the environment that is full of admitting
He has learnt to treasure oneself
One child in full of, grow up environment that accept
He has learnt to treasure this world
One child in full of, grow up environment that sure
Ambition that he has learnt to halt
A child grows up under the environment that is full of sharing
He has learnt generously
A child grows up under full of just environmentsing
He has learnt the just truth
A child grows up under the environment full of sense of safety
He has learnt to believe in others
A child grows up under full of friendly environmentsing
He has learnt to love life
A child grows up under full of peaceful environmentsing
He has learnt safely

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The classification of the domestic rubbish is deal

October 6 2009, 4:56 AM

The classification of the domestic rubbish is dealt with
The domestic rubbish can generally be divided into four major kinds: Recoverable rubbish, my rubbish of kitchen, harmful rubbish and other rubbish. Mainly there are comprehensive utilization, hygiene landfill, burns and compost in the present commonly used garbage disposal method.

Recoverable rubbish include paper type, metal, plastics, glass,etc., through punish, recycle synthetically, can reduce pollution, save resources. For instance retrieve a ton of wasted paper and can make 850 kilograms of good paper, saves 300 kilograms of timber, produce and reduce 74% of pollution than equivalently each time; Retrieve a ton of plastic beverages bottle and can get 0 each time. Raw materials of Second Grade of 7 tons; Retrieve a ton of waste steel and can smelt good steel 0 each time. 9 tons, smelt and save 47% of cost than with the ore, reduce 75% of air pollution, reduce 97% of the water pollution and solid waste.

The rubbish of kitchen includes food wastes such as leftovers leftovers, bone, dish root dish leaf,etc., dealt with the compost in situ by biotechnology, each ton can produce 0. 3 tons of organic fertilizer.

Harmful rubbish including used battery, managing, the waste mercurial thermometer, overdue medicines of waste fluorescent lamp,etc., the rubbish needs dealing with specially safely.

Other rubbish include offals difficults to retrieve such as brick and tile pottery, the dregs, bathroom wasted paper besides several kinds of rubbish described above,etc., adopting the landfill of hygiene can reduce the pollution of groundwater, surface water, soil and air effectively.


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Ten make you happy question for all one's life

February 23 2009, 5:07 AM

Ten make you happy question for all one's life
1,What do I have?

Usually the thing which we will not have for oneself is worried, can't see one's ownly, for instance healthy can listen to, can watching, can like and love, have food support us enjoy every day. If just as that mouth according to legend said: "Have lost and just known preciously. " It let walk out we the sad,it in this way can see what be what we have.

2,Why should I be proud?

Proud of your what has been achieved. The achievement does not divide the size, each success means taking one step forward. You can be proud of a challenge that you have just overcome, can feel happy for helping a stranger, can for help one friend smile, . can get to know new friend or read a new book feel glad too.

3,What do I reply deeply grateful?

A lot of things make us deeply grateful for it every day, a lot of people are worth our thanking you at the same time, because they are teaching us some things virtually. It is a precious present to us every day of life.

4,How can I be full of vigor?

Mapped out some positive things every day, has let oneself be full of vigor. For example can give those you appreciate but people that has not get in touch for a long time phones very much all the time, say some encouragement of to job partner, remain smiling, reserve time and child play etc..

5,What problem can I solve today?

Try, want problem solved script those until tomorrow to stay solve today, try hard to finish the work on hand on the same day, should dare to face those thorny problems, change a kind of angle and treat them.

6,Can I throw the burden that downed in the past?

" burden in the past "  Mean those sad experiences and grievance accumulated all the year round. What's the use of carrying these heavy life burdens? Advise you to keep the experience that was worth using for reference to making a summary in the past, then unload heavy load forever.

7,How do I change an angle and treat the question?

People it lives in to be others' suggestion person, but no own. Frequently, the basic question is that we treat the ways of the things. It is that a thing is worried can't bear that a lot of people have gone through, while feeling funny again later. Sad and liking to be only that angles that we look at problem are different.

8,How do I spend today?

Do some and anything different usual. If we go out of the routine, learn to enjoy life, live a life rich and colorful. We should dare to create and innovate.

9,Who should I embrace today?

It is our nourishment for the mind to embrace. Ever a psychologist has said, should think of the health, embrace for 8 times at least every day. It is the most basic demands of people that the body is exposed to, it can even help us to develop the brain.

10,Do I begin to take action now?

Don't think all these are "  It sounds good "  Suggestion,it last life such. In fact, life for every day you of the imagination like that. Let, live a life flat and insipid, positive upwards, just among hand already since power to make decision. Live diligently and happily, what will you lose?






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