Red to point and cover

October 9 2008, 4:29 AM

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Red to point and cover
Dye and mean that it is a girl's patent to overlay red, although this has no chance with me. Hou dye red to mean thing built to still freshing in my memory to the limit when being very small.
Remember I hour Hou, to summer, in the village, dish garden that tangled balsamine is held, girl of gratifying bad village, less than heaven dark, they will get the adults' permission, cast aside to the man partner playing together at ordinary times, gather to garden of that block of dishes in the east of the village, nip the rough leaf, pluck balsamines, serve the small porcelain bowl or small tile, chirpily, in all seriousness, big solemn people do things equally conscientiously and mysterious. Open old man Liu of vegetable garden also can give them each first cucumber to take once in a while then, this treatment makes that group of boys who always liked stiring up trouble and me so worried even more. Swear to have finger in covering too, mean the special treatment wishing to enjoy a cucumber of each person once.
Have one, I and little and fat with village, high egg toughen one's scalp to crowd in the middle of the girls, try every possible way to persuade, opposed by girls, then I and my partner discusses, wait for the adults to go to sleep, go to the place that the girl concentrates on enjoying the coal to retaliate against them furtively, they that " small cap " worn on the finger Each has been picked, early in the morning, and then look to those several persons stalked on the finger the next day, have got the retribution as expected. We excited strength second to, dye red to mean girl pleasantly surprised intensity that build.
At last one day, we can't help, lure, come one have finger in attempt that stamp. Offer advice by me, assemble several little partner, take advantage of dark, touch get vegetable garden of old man Liu, uproop all that tangled balsamine, hide in the only mere wheat field corner, moonlight, pack the finger stealthily, at this moment, I feel, shares of cool mystery spread among the finger, all of us forgot that pain while tightening with rope for the moment. Having seen that wearing small finger of the cap, is imagining waking up the next day, the one that saw red finger could not be really told was glad, go to the adult closer at once, has never expected the adults all say unanimously, the boy catches and means that covering will make a noise and have a stomachache red, that kind of sense of loss is not second to college entrance examination and fail in an entrance examination. Remember I send for the knife in a hurry after hearing at that time, cut in the nail was covered, my left hand finger has been cut in a large hole deeply, there is a trace until today.
Flash for more than 20 years over, remember always there is continuous fragrance that gladdens the heart and refreshes the mind in the thing in childhood. Nowadays, the nail polish sold in the shop is not only red, blue, golden yellow, white, fill with everything, the girl dyes and means that it is really too convenient to cover red. Help, get someone connect with foot mean, stamp, pack with color. But the complexion with great emphasis, surprised, excited and enjoying in the next day then, but can't be bought with the money!

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How to deal with the vegetables to pollute?

July 23 2008, 12:41 AM

  How to deal with the vegetables to pollute?

In the modern's life, have polluted the great danger into. Someone says, pollution is violent in the tiger. This words are good, relevant data statistics show, a lot of diseases are caused by pollution, including the emergence of cancer relates to pollution.

In the face of the pollution of the vegetables, almost all the housewives have worried. Then, how to deal with the vegetables to pollute? The fact proves, some vegetable growers have been listed on vegetables and sprayed insecticide not long ago, have even sprayed virulent pesticide; Some have used the excrement and urine which does not undergo fermented treatment; Electronics Manufacturer| Electronics Manufacturing China| China Electronics Manufacturers| There are near neighbours of a lot of dish status in the cities and towns, receive the pollution of waste water of factory, waste gas or poisonous chemical material. People have eaten these poisoning caused by vegetables, melon and fruit polluted and happened occasionally. Those contain a large number of bacteria and virus, depend on the worm's ovum for a living in fermented excrement and urine of treatment, will make people ill too.

Preventing the pollution of vegetables will accomplish the following several points: Require the vegetable grower to know how to use pesticide knowledge safely at first, paying attention to can't reuse pesticide in 10 days before gathering in the vegetables; Especially don't even use the muck in gathering in the last week of vegetables, especially can't use the muck which did not undergo fermented treatment; Should not water dish, wash vegetables with waste water that chemical plant discharge, go, spill or soak the vegetables sold with Electronic Manufacturing| Electronic Manufacturing Services| China Electronic Manufacturersewage these soon. When consumers are buying vegetables, in order to prevent buying the vegetables polluted, should make sure one is being seen, two is being smelt, three ask. I.e. see the fresh trace that there are small worms or have been bitten by the worm on the vegetables first, if have, prove the vegetables are polluted little by pesticide, can rest assured to buy; " smell " ,Hear agricultural flavour of a drug, most pesticide has smell, if have, just explain the time to spray insecticide, unsuitable to buy, " ask " ,Ask the pesticide when a vegetable grower sprayed, what pesticide is shed. According to regulation, daily security of pesticide interval: Rebelata is 10 days, Metrifonate is 7 days, dichlorvos is 5 days, two chlorine benzene ether chrysanthemums refer to 2 days, acyl is 7 days for first amine phosphorus, if alternate on days insufficient, don't buy. After the vegetables are bought back, before eating, had better use the fresh water to soak for some time first, then wash carefully. If wash the vegetables with the rare alkali water, the poisonous result is better that go.Smt Electronic Manufacturing| Electronics Contract Manufacturing| Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services| Subcontract Pcb Assembly The method is that a basin of fresh water adds big soda ash of a soya bean, or a slice of 2- 3 slices of sodium bicarbonate, dissolve, stir it evenly, the vegetables that will have and then already washed silt and incidental are put into alkali water and soaked for about 10 minutes. In this way, the machine phosphorus pesticide attaching to vegetables, the majority can be turned into having poisonous substance quality, then rinse for 2- 3 times with the fresh water, can stir-fry and eat.


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| Eight methods teach you how to design the perfec

July 16 2008, 4:36 AM

| Eight methods teach you how to design the perfect bedroom of a warmth


 First. The function is divided: The function of the bedroom is more complicated. On one hand, it must satisfy rest and basic demand of sleep; On the other hand, conform with the integration requirement of recreation, working, dressing and making up and health care. According to these principles, the bedroom can be divided into areas such as sleep, recreation, dressing and making up, preserving,etc. again, the conditional bedroom can also include areas such as reading and writing, the single bathroom and outdoor sports,etc..

Two. Fit up the main point

Fit up the main point: The design of the bedroom must be on the concealed and quiet, convenient and comfortable and healthy foundation, seek the beautiful style and warm atmosphere. More important, should fully show the user's individual character characteristic, enable its life to obtain satisfaction of body and mind in the happy environment.

Three. Space planning

Space planning: Bed, bedside cupboard, have a rest chair, clothes cupboard indispensable furniture of bedroom, according to the area situation and personal demand, can set up dressing table, workingbench, short cupboard,etc.. The planted agent of the room displays some ornaments of behavior individual character characteristic.

Four. The space is expanded

The space is expanded: The multifunctionality of the bedroom, often make people have space no feeling enough, so the ingenious design cooperates with multi-functional furniture, can expand the space effectively.

Five. Sleep area

Sleep district: In the center of the sleep district is a bed, so a set of good beds are essential. If buy the new bed, had better test carefully, in order to confirm whether it really suits you. Meanwhile, the color of the sleep district should take warm colour as the core, and unify with the surrounding environment, make the sleep district more harmonious, more quiet.

Six. Dressing and making up area


A beautiful and practical dressing table forms the centre of the dressing and making up area, the dressing table is besides for the hostess to dress and make uping, can also used for, collect personal effects, person who dress and make up might not greatly, little room one mirror can form person who dress and make up too in area.

Seven. Recreation section

Recreation section: The recreation section holds it with the space of hobby or recreation activity, there are extensive choices in recreation activity, a book, a cup of tea, body-building apparatus, game of chess and card,etc.. Busy lead and relax, therefore these things should be easy to obtain, and there are certain distances with the bed, in case that collide in the darkness.

Eight. Color

Color: Color should be simple and elegant in the bedroom, the lightness of color should be lower than the sitting room, can build the indoor atmosphere with soft and ornamental color and texture such as bed overlaying, curtain, cushion at the same time.



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Helplessness in life and helpless life

June 18 2008, 3:17 AM

Helplessness in life and helpless life    Leather Handbag  

 As the person of the individual life, in having no way out frequently during all one's life, perhaps this is helplessness in life. Some of helplessness in life are the wide gap that can't be gone beyond in life process, and the reality that personal will and ability can't change, but more helplessness for life whether we oneself look for oneself make in other words. Wenchuan heavy earthquake last more than months newly, nature give whom we make cruel sad to let us have a lingering fear so far, let us unable to forget in all one's life. Such helplessness is independent of anyone's will, in the face of what we can do of such helplessness being to turn grief into strength, reconstruct our home with the industrious hands. Earthquake, snow calamity, floods, droughts include the birth and old age,sickness and death   Perhaps these helplessness independent of our personal willpower is the helplessness in life. And the will of our of those can change or that the helplessness which ourselves make and look for is helpless life. A great deal of trouble in life and sorrow to have too many a life due to in helplessness.
 Mankind, as the master of everything, still there is a lot of helplessness in front of the nature, as the person of the individual life, there is this or that helplessness that is should be a human nature, however, there is too much helplessness that is totally that we assume as a matter of course and worry oneself needlessly and cause in other words. People cannot help but have, it is only two words to trace it to its cause: Desire. If people have not wanted, where does our helplessness comes. Ancient cloud: People reach product of asking of having since high, people are relaxed when getting without reading. However, all one's life in life, it is not life in life that must really not want not to ask, have appeared and same as the grass and trees if people have not wanted not to ask. So must want to ask in life, the progress and human development of the society must push into the human desire, the constant improvement of the intensity of human civilization, it must be thanked human desire for human desire's and swollen constantly after all that material life is abundant day by day. Have people want have unless it ask good, it is if wanting, if having, ask not all right not to have,helplessness at life therefore, the ones that conducted oneself are difficult to be comprehended without being told.
 Helplessness for life since no one escape all one's life in life cannot help but in other words, then have to face the helplessness calmly as the ordinary person. All one's life, sad a even terrible one be given oneself for no reason, Fashion Handbag Manufacturerlook for a lot of helplessness life, let oneself often live in a kind of atmosphere of inhibiting not escaping from forever, live in the yoke that is made by oneself. It is long or transient that the way in life is on earth perhaps everybody's feeling is different, say long, at most but a century, have said for transient and busy nearly one hundred years, face a lot of separation and reunion, like hating feeling hatred constantly. No matter getting long, getting transient, can let, lack a bit helpless life, lack unnecessary trouble a bit and sorrow to really should have life, it was the people that should make great efforts to pursue in all one's life. People and the biggest difference of animal are that we have thinking, it is worried with sorrow because there is thinking, have it cannot help but. What a kind of feeling helplessness in life and helpless one life is on earth, the person who perhaps lives in different strata feels difference. To most persons,Leather Handbag Manufacturer the pressure that the helplessness in life mostly survives. Clothing,food,lodging and transportion, eat and drink, draw, let go these basic existence terms still puzzle most persons most, the same to author, you must for solve, survive the problem run around here and there sometimes. The helplessness that perhaps survives is the greatest helplessness in life.
 Helplessness for life numerous in life cannot help but in other words, how let reduction that helplessness for life try hard to weigh us survive a basic standard of quality. Besides abundant material life, perhaps mostly set up in life in abundant personal spirit in the happiness in life. Independent of our will when there is more abundance of the material life, but the abundance of cultural life is grasped in our one's own hand. Give oneself a happy mood, can persuade one's own happy reason to stand up for one piece of oneself, very difficult sometimes, so long as diligent, though can't get half the result with twice the effort, can always let one's own helplessness be made and stood up easily. Learn, let life cannot help but become of intense interest life, on why we it is perhaps helpless when real helplessness.
Perhaps no one can escape and avoid in helplessness in life and helpless life, even the kings and princes, even the billionaire, always have one's own helplessness not speaking clearly. Since always have a lot of helplessness that faces in life, since the helplessness in life is unable to escape, the brave one, in the face of the helplessness. Unable to escape, cannot help but, can choose, let try hard life cannot help but far away from oneself life in life, when we seek in the helplessness happily really, it is helpless and really few perhaps.
"Flowers fall, do what one may, swallows return, no strangers they. The fragrant foot-path of small garden wanders up and down alone. Handbag Manufacturer=>Pet Carrier =>Leather handbags" Can live among realm one such often life, helpless can little or does not have perhaps.


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Prevent and cure 15 kinds of food of the cardiov

June 11 2008, 3:42 AM

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Prevent and cure 15 kinds of food of the cardiovascular disease

    More and more research verifies, cardiovascular vessel disease is in close relation with diet. For this reason enumerate the beneficial food of some pairs of cardiovascular prevention and cure of disease, is only for reference.

Onion: It contains prostaglandin, expands and is in charge of the blood, reduces the function of the fat of blood; It contains alkene third base and two sulphur compound and a small amount of sulphur amino acid, can prevent atherosclerosis.

Ocean fishes: The fish include essential many kinds of unsaturated fatty acid of human body, inhibit the blood platelet from being agglutinate and reducing cholesterol function. Eat fish a few times every week, much less than the possibility to suffer from heart disease of the persons who do not eat the fish.
Milk: It can inhibit the activity of human cholesterol synthetic enzyme effectively, thus inhibit the formation of cholesterol, reduce the cholesterol content. In addition, contain more calcium and can also reduce human body's absorption of cholesterol in the milk. Facilitate maintaining normal blood pressure.
Tomato: In the tomato "  The tomato is plain "  With the fiber, combine human cholesterol metabolite - -The function of the alkaloid, thus prevent human arteriosclerosis and prevent and cure the emergence of coronary heart disease.

Kelp: It contains the abundant taurine, can reduce cholesterol in the blood and bile; It contain fibrous brown algae of food sour, can also inhibit the absorption of cholesterol, and promote the supersession. In addition,Handmade Bracelets the calcium in the kelp not only can inhibit the absorption of cholesterol but also can lower blood pressure.

Soybeans: It includes unsaturated fatty acid, Vitamin E and lecithin, lowers the result of fat of blood. High cholesterol patient is 60- 100 grams of edible soybean every day, the about 90% persons symptom will obviously take a favorable turn.

Garlic: It includes the material mixture of sulfide, can reduce cholesterol, prevent thrombosis. High lipoprotein blood disease patient take three loud to show, can make fat of blood and cholesterol obviously drop every day.

Maize: It includes microelement, lecithin, Vitamin E such as abundant calcium, phosphorus, selenium, have function of reducing serum cholesterol. American Indian do not almost have essential hypertension, coronary heart disease, it is the staple food to mainly benefit from the maize.
Oat: The sour and abundant saponin is plain that it contains the extremely abundant linseed oil, can reduce total cholesterol and triglyceride, remove and deposit the lipoprotein of low density in the blood vessel wall at the same time, prevent atherosclerosis.
Nut: Nuts such as walnut, Chinese chestnut,etc. include abundant magnesium. If while taking in too much fat and vitamin D, phosphorus, if lack magnesium in the body, it is very apt to cause atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction.

Celery: The fibrous content of food is abundant, eat more dangers which is short of blood heart disease of initiation that can reduce 35%. If absorb more than 16 grams of food fibers every day, suffering from the danger which is short of blood heart disease will be obviously reduced.

Chrysanthemum: Medical science verifies, the chrysanthemum has efficiency of lowering the fat of blood, there is very steady function of lowering blood pressure. Especially the middle-aged and elderly people set chrysanthemums free a bit of the green tea, to having very good health care functions cardiovascularly.

Egg: Think egg yolk include cholesterol to be too high, eat more apt to cause coronary heart disease, prove, sheerly misunderstand already now in the past. In fact, the egg contains the lecithin, can make the human cholesterol and fat keep hanging the surging state, do not deposit in the blood vessel wall, and utilize for the tissue through the blood vessel wall, thus reduce the level of fat of blood effectively.

The bowl-shaped compressed mass of tea leaves: Produced in Yunnan, often drink and can reduce fat of blood and cholesterol, Imitation Jewelrydrinks the bowl-shaped compressed mass of tea leaves three times every day, can make the fat of blood reduce by 20%. Wholesale Picture Frames


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