Can keep nutrition most while steaming dishes

June 6 2008, 2:15 AM


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Can keep nutrition most while steaming dishes

Talking about Chinese food, people will often think of the stir-fry. In fact, in all sorts of culinary art skills and techniques, " steam " Praised highly the most, it starts in China first, " there are not dishes that are not steamed " in diet culture in millennium in China Saying. Learn, prove by cuisine association and nutrition according to Chinese, steam, can keep the food genuine and keeping the food nutrition cooking way most too.

" steam " ,Load raw materials with, among ware, heat with vapour, make raw materials ripe or soft tasty cooking method to set flavor. Food institute's associate professor Fan ZhiHong of China Agricultural University claims, its characteristic has kept true features, original juice, primary taste of the cooked food, cook the method compared with frying, bombing, frying etc., there is little oil that the cooked food steamed out includes, and can save various nutrient of the dish to a great extent, accord with the demands for healthy diet even more.

This because at the stir-fry, boiling point of oil can reach more than 300 ¡æ, will destroy the nutrient component. Compared with it, steam dish boiling point of ink have only 100 ¡æ, the nutriment can be kept more. Tin Box For FoodStudies have suggested, steam many phenol nutriment that dishes includes, for instance the content such as being plain of Mongolian oak peel of the flavonoids is higher than other cooking methods prominently. In addition, Hair Brushsteam dishes and require raw materials are fresh, it is moderate to flavour, and lose original juice less, have intact shapes, the advantage with tender, familiar and rotten taste. More important, because easy to digest because of steaming the food, very suitable for digesting the person not good to eat.

How is it healthiest to cook and steam dishes? The fire is heavy, water is much, time is short, steam seven word rhymed formulae of France.

First of all, it is fresh for raw materials to take, because protein of raw materials difficult to dissolve at ink steam, Flavoring agent is difficult to permeate through raw materials, so the food texture should be tender, juicy, the stiff thing such as ox's tendons of beef, mutton or pork is unsuitable to steam.

Secondly, may make raw materials tastily before steaming, the time to add flavor should be long that impregnate, and can't use spicy and highly seasoned Flavoring agent, otherwise will inhibit the fresh flavor of raw materials. Or add the juice of the Gorgon euryale after steaming familiarly, the juice of the Gorgon euryale should be salty and light and suitable, can't be too dense.

Moreover, steam rapidly with the very hot oven boiling water, suitable for quality soft raw materials, for instance fish, vegetables,etc., time is about 15 minutes. It confront thick the old,it should adopt there aren't very hot oven the boiling waters to demand by raw materials soft steaming, for instance crispy fried duck, powder steam the meat. Raw materials tender cooked food, for instance eggs,etc. should adopt middle fire, light fire to steam slowly.

Finally, while steaming dishes, should pay attention to putting hierarchically, soup few dishes are placed on above, soup many dish put below, getting light dish given to the higher authority, the dark dish is put below, the dish difficult to be familiar is placed on above, the dish apt to be well done is put below.


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New fashionable life Rent a boyfriend and go shop

June 4 2008, 2:09 AM

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New fashionable life  Rent a boyfriend and go shopping

I still hold the reservations to looking for the method of one's own remaining half by this way. The girl, to will not have too high expected value with the boy that this way knowsing in fact, because both sides must have economic relation after all, will not have the compositions of too many emotions. Sunday's Xujiahui is lively as before, the blood goes all out to defeat the clan eyes and gives out light, everyone shows the excitement expression that will be never met. Only David shoulder is shouldered portably, carries a hot sweat under the sunshine of early summer, shuttle back and forth in the crowd like serving the hard labor. It is new that it is he that is walking leisurely in front of him "  Girlfriend "  Jenny. Though know and is less than for 5 hours, he obeys her order obediently, pay the bill for her with all one's heart, gives advice, then carry the things and rush for the next counter. And she is with one's heart at peace either, not courteous at all, even does not consider it worth doing casting a side-look to the men's clothing counter. Two people talk and laugh too once in a while, just they all understand in the heart, who no one owe in them each others, time arrived, perhaps became strangers - -Like everybody brushing past at one's side. Because David is that Jenny costs 200 yuan and is rented "  Temporary boyfriend "  ,Accompany, stroll while being full-time, the term of validity is only this one day

David25 years old, work for two years, does Clerk in a foreign trade company. "At forum see the model, it is very interesting for me to feel, take place copies of Enail give according to above contact way to that girl, have never expected she really writes back, she says she calls Jenny, very pleasant name. " David with Jenny discuss definitely, David accompany her to go shopping in will it be will it be these period of time 6 o'clock afternoon since 11 o'clock a.m. Sunday at MSN later on, the remuneration is 200 yuan. "In fact I do not lack this money, pure and interesting. The girl who can think over this kind of idea must be interesting. "

It is a piece of strength vivid to accompany and stroll

On Sunday, David went to fulfill an appointment according to agreeing to go to Hong Kong to gather together gate on the square. "To tell the truth, it was very tense at that time. Though often accompanied the girl to go shopping in the past, the other side after all was a strange girl, and I want to collect her remuneration. This always lets people feel strange. "

The girl comes according to appointment at 05 past 11. Two seventeen eight years old, light pink shirt, blue jeans, a scarf are sent directly, the dress is very simple, is a very beautiful girl. "She walked close to me at that time, said to me: ' hey, are you David? I am Jenny'. I hove a sigh of relief unexpectedly unexpectedly at that time. " David recalls.

Simple after exchanging a few words of greetings, " works " of David Begin formally. "She sends a credit card to me in the hand, she forms for her singly while doing shopping to advice me, she is extremely disagreeable to give oneself and pay the bill, has no child who person aches like one that she says. "

Shuttling back and forth in every market of Xujiahui, the girl strolls very carefully, almost every counter should be seen. David has been followed by her all the time. "She will try on a lot of clothes, the products on nearly each cosmetics special counter should be tried too, have tried asking me whether any opinion has been given to her. I agree, she is all smiles. She mediates a settlement and makes up the young lady compares, she believes the boy's eyes even more. " Later, David was found, what kind of clothes no matter that girl try it on again, what ornament is tried on, so long as it is good to say by oneself, she will buy without the least hesitation.

However, the generousness that Jenny sells lets David be quite unexpected. "A skirt which look very general, she buys eyes without blinking - -More than 700 yuan! "

Several hours later, David is that the ability to move around aches. Cd Box Supplier It thinks of to be household "  Rent " Come, have, insist on, " have no way, who ask me to charge others' remuneration, always have a little professional dedication. "

6 point one arrives, David has got the labour remuneration smoothly, though is good to girl's feeling, in the very following day, Jen Juan ny has not given him more chance. After all, the ones that rented were rented.

Want people to be accompanied and strolled, because is lonely

Heng Shan for nightfall road people little just, sit Buddhist nun set up at the seat in the porch in shellfish, Guo Qing has had a chat with the author relaxedly '  Provided that author just as one day such as her "  Boyfriend "  . )Tin Can ManufactoryGuo Qing is a graphic designer of an advertising agency, 28 years old. Have said good-bye for a long time to the recent boyfriend that allowed. Because people are not accompanied, she has not strolled in the street to have a very long time. "Will really feel sometimes that want to be so boring as to go mad oneself. "

"Have no friends and accompany you at one's side? "

"Yes, but I like them meet, on comfort I ceaselessly, then advise me to look for a new boyfriend quickly. Moreover everybody has one's own life, I do not want to become others' burden. "

"But have you considered one's own security question? "

"Go shopping, so many people on the road, are afraid what it is? "

By the way seek he of the heart appearance

Guo no such the first in fact "  Play " .

Around her one sister boyfriend for many years very much sad when the departure with love that year, become like a mess to live, visit souls every day, It's nothing done and sat there staring flankly, whole people tight first loud lap. The friend around begins to worry standing up for her, people will collapse to go down like this. Later, a gang of sisters showed resourcefulness in an emergency, everybody looked for a good boy in the network, pay some money to him, let him accompany that sister to go shopping, chat on weekend. That sister just as turned into individual after coming back on the first day, did cosmetology, get the hair, have a manicure, has also bought many clothes, have a radiant face from head to foot all over the body. Later, she herself was fascinated by renting the boyfriend and going shopping in the network like this. What failed in love will not be thrown beyond the highest heavens soon before this. She, in the love, the boyfriend is a boy accompanying her to go shopping later on now, people are very good, and very handsome, two people have already fixed wedding day.

"Then do you bring some expectation too? "

" perhaps "  . Guo Qing refuses to say yes or no, but is revealing the expectation in eyes clearly.

The expert analyzes

The behaviors of different class of times of individual character

The appearance of this kind of phenomenon, primary reason is the melting general and loose of social environment. When people and people associate, will not too pay attention to the other side's experiences or special backgrounds in the past overly, and pay attention to the other side's present state even more, such as individual character, quality, etc..

Secondly, what we are in is one era stressing the individual character deeply, everyone, every day is belonging to some personal things pursuing specially. For example special behavior, dressing,etc., on one hand prove oneself, on the other hand even attract other people's attention. Girl rent boyfriend accompany, go shopping such incident right away belong to the typical individual character incident - -The person around has not in other words, is enough for different classed, it is special enough.

However, I still hold the reservations to looking for the method of one's own remaining half by this way. The girl, to will not have too high expected value with the boy that this way knowsing in fact, Tin Containers because both sides must have economic relation after all, will not have the compositions of too many emotions.



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Silence does not represent me to admit oneself has

May 25 2008, 11:28 PM

Silence does not represent me to admit oneself has been defeated by  ...
Day returned to normal at long last, mp4 speakers no longer cried and is not at a disturbance of the temper again either, many people have all said recently I am strange, I am sorry, upset you ... Once I always like beating the keyboard alone at quiet night, note one's own mood, let the air of hectic fever of body disperse little by little ... 
Ache, just know how others ache oneself.  I do not hate anyone, because I know some people ache even more than I, I believe you are unwell the life that I am crying, otherwise you will not always send information to me when falling asleep at midnight, though are all that some think of the sentence like poems each time ... No matter outside the window of you rain also, please don't let heart of you scrub on going rain those, that piece will make oneself to be more and more wet, wound of oneself can ache too ... 

One day in the future, we will become old, will cast aside the other side. People those those thing dance that come again never that spend appearance, that full and ventral such as water tender feeling and shining expectation of pairs of eye, it does not have the cool years when guesses on day that that becomes dust wind with water, the injury that that once thought longs for and brings from this, having become a kind of illusion more, one is expected, become scenery in distant place and dream. As we learn calm reason, treat the emotion beginning reality, but too silly to stand up again, do not know whether this is a good thing or bad thing. 

Think oneself to be very strong, find I know what name strong originally suddenly all the time ... Saying and does not cry in the mouth, can leave the unprincipled flowing of tears, I do not know how to make one's own tears stop not flowing from then on ... Others say my eyes are big, who knows that pair of eyes, how many grievances of tears really flow? Beautiful eyes are brought with the tears ... ' 
Day in emotion stay in remember finally, wait for even remembering for a moment in the brain can disappear after the time perhaps ... Idle time will sitting baffled stare flankly, baffled agitation, it remembers to be once sidelight in the emotion, but does not know it is completely my tear on the face,iPhone Skinbut I have no time to take into account ... 

 under the weather





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