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July 23 2008, 12:41 AM

  How to deal with the vegetables to pollute?

In the modern's life, have polluted the great danger into. Someone says, pollution is violent in the tiger. This words are good, relevant data statistics show, a lot of diseases are caused by pollution, including the emergence of cancer relates to pollution.

In the face of the pollution of the vegetables, almost all the housewives have worried. Then, how to deal with the vegetables to pollute? The fact proves, some vegetable growers have been listed on vegetables and sprayed insecticide not long ago, have even sprayed virulent pesticide; Some have used the excrement and urine which does not undergo fermented treatment; Electronics Manufacturer| Electronics Manufacturing China| China Electronics Manufacturers| There are near neighbours of a lot of dish status in the cities and towns, receive the pollution of waste water of factory, waste gas or poisonous chemical material. People have eaten these poisoning caused by vegetables, melon and fruit polluted and happened occasionally. Those contain a large number of bacteria and virus, depend on the worm's ovum for a living in fermented excrement and urine of treatment, will make people ill too.

Preventing the pollution of vegetables will accomplish the following several points: Require the vegetable grower to know how to use pesticide knowledge safely at first, paying attention to can't reuse pesticide in 10 days before gathering in the vegetables; Especially don't even use the muck in gathering in the last week of vegetables, especially can't use the muck which did not undergo fermented treatment; Should not water dish, wash vegetables with waste water that chemical plant discharge, go, spill or soak the vegetables sold with Electronic Manufacturing| Electronic Manufacturing Services| China Electronic Manufacturersewage these soon. When consumers are buying vegetables, in order to prevent buying the vegetables polluted, should make sure one is being seen, two is being smelt, three ask. I.e. see the fresh trace that there are small worms or have been bitten by the worm on the vegetables first, if have, prove the vegetables are polluted little by pesticide, can rest assured to buy; " smell " ,Hear agricultural flavour of a drug, most pesticide has smell, if have, just explain the time to spray insecticide, unsuitable to buy, " ask " ,Ask the pesticide when a vegetable grower sprayed, what pesticide is shed. According to regulation, daily security of pesticide interval: Rebelata is 10 days, Metrifonate is 7 days, dichlorvos is 5 days, two chlorine benzene ether chrysanthemums refer to 2 days, acyl is 7 days for first amine phosphorus, if alternate on days insufficient, don't buy. After the vegetables are bought back, before eating, had better use the fresh water to soak for some time first, then wash carefully. If wash the vegetables with the rare alkali water, the poisonous result is better that go.Smt Electronic Manufacturing| Electronics Contract Manufacturing| Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services| Subcontract Pcb Assembly The method is that a basin of fresh water adds big soda ash of a soya bean, or a slice of 2- 3 slices of sodium bicarbonate, dissolve, stir it evenly, the vegetables that will have and then already washed silt and incidental are put into alkali water and soaked for about 10 minutes. In this way, the machine phosphorus pesticide attaching to vegetables, the majority can be turned into having poisonous substance quality, then rinse for 2- 3 times with the fresh water, can stir-fry and eat.


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