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October 6 2009, 4:56 AM

The classification of the domestic rubbish is dealt with
The domestic rubbish can generally be divided into four major kinds: Recoverable rubbish, my rubbish of kitchen, harmful rubbish and other rubbish. Mainly there are comprehensive utilization, hygiene landfill, burns and compost in the present commonly used garbage disposal method.

Recoverable rubbish include paper type, metal, plastics, glass,etc., through punish, recycle synthetically, can reduce pollution, save resources. For instance retrieve a ton of wasted paper and can make 850 kilograms of good paper, saves 300 kilograms of timber, produce and reduce 74% of pollution than equivalently each time; Retrieve a ton of plastic beverages bottle and can get 0 each time. Raw materials of Second Grade of 7 tons; Retrieve a ton of waste steel and can smelt good steel 0 each time. 9 tons, smelt and save 47% of cost than with the ore, reduce 75% of air pollution, reduce 97% of the water pollution and solid waste.

The rubbish of kitchen includes food wastes such as leftovers leftovers, bone, dish root dish leaf,etc., dealt with the compost in situ by biotechnology, each ton can produce 0. 3 tons of organic fertilizer.

Harmful rubbish including used battery, managing, the waste mercurial thermometer, overdue medicines of waste fluorescent lamp,etc., the rubbish needs dealing with specially safely.

Other rubbish include offals difficults to retrieve such as brick and tile pottery, the dregs, bathroom wasted paper besides several kinds of rubbish described above,etc., adopting the landfill of hygiene can reduce the pollution of groundwater, surface water, soil and air effectively.


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